09 January 2011

Franco Moschino

« There is no creativity without chaos. »

Franco Moschino (February 27, 1950 - September 18, 1994) was an Italianfashion designer remembered for his witty, colorful, lively and provocative designs which not only challenged, but poked fun at, the fashion establishment. He was born in Abbiategrasso, Lombardy, located c. 22 km from Milan.

Before becoming a fashion designer, he attended Accademia delle Belle Arti in Milan to study fine arts in 1967 hoping to become a painter. To finance his studies, he worked as a freelance fashion illustrator. Eventually, his interest shifted from paints and canvases to fabric and tailoring. His fashion career began in 1971 when he became an illustrator for Gianni Versace, and continued to work for him for another six years. From 1977 to 1982 he designed for the Italian label Cadette. His father died when he was four. [edit] Career He founded his own company, Moonshadow, in 1983 and launched the MoschinoJean-Paul Gaultier of Italian fashion for his highly innovative designs but their styles are different; while Gaultier experiments with different fabrics and shapes, Moschino used basic forms and traditional methods. He also spoofed high fashion lines through his clothes. For example, "Expensive Jacket" was embroidered in gold across the back of a cashmere jacket, and "Bull Chic" on a matador-styled outfit. He also mocked the fashion classics such as the Chanel Couture! label that same year. At first, he designed casualwear and jeans, but his line eventually expanded to lingerie, eveningwear, shoes, menswear and perfumes. In 1988, he launched a less expensive Cheap and Chic line. His designs were very innovative and unusual such as quilted black denim miniskirt with plastic fried eggs decorating the hemline, quilted jacket decorated with bottle tops, plug-socket drop earrings, and bodices made out of safety pins. He was dubbed the jacket with garish trimmings and details. Ironically, many rushed to wear his clothes, thus becoming successful and famous in the industry he satirized.

Since his death causd by a heart attack in 1994 Rossella Jardini, his former assistant, has been creative director of the brand. Moschino clothes have been worn by celebrities such as Fran Drescher on her hit television show The Nanny, Alicia Silverstone, Gwyneth Paltrow and Anna Friel.


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