06 January 2011

My lost love for...Japan

I tend to forget why I loved Japan so much when I was younger yet there is always something that brings me back to it. It can be anime, manga, traditions, architecture...but this time, as I watched Paradise Kiss, I got an interest for japanese magazines.
Japan always had the ability to stand out, be it in a good way or bad, and magazines are a bit like a mirror for this country. They seem to show exactly how it is.

A country that seem so eager to run away from its own traditions even though it's impossible for it to abandon them while it goes at incredible speed into the future with its technology, fashion and life style. A future full of colors and wonders but wherever there is light there is also shadows.

At Jmagazine Scans is possible to find them, for those curious to have a look at the ultimate japanese fashions even when not speaking the language.

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